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Interpack 2017

Jul 08, 2023

Flex Films, the global film manufacturing arm of India’s multinational packaging major Uflex, is all geared for a trendsetting stint at Interpack 2017.

The company said its appearance at the show will shape the contours of the ‘Art and Science of Converting’. Flex Films will be exhibiting its myriad innovations in the field of film manufacturing that is expected to evoke a lot of interest among the global converting fraternity.

Flex Films’ pavilion (Hall No. 10; Stand No. D-44) at the mega event will have six distinct zones showcasing various films / substrates and value added products that have created ripples in the arena of converting. These Six Zones are Sustainability; Speciality; Lidding; Barrier; PP (OPP & CPP) Family; and Aesthetics & Anti-counterfeiting.

Sustainability: Some of the major highlights of this zone will be recycled polyester film; Oxo and biodegradable films and green polyester film (green PET) among others.

Speciality: In this section the visitors will be able to see latest innovations like Twist (TST); Shrink (SPH); Easy Stackable (ESB); Digital Printing (PDP); U.V. Curable (UVC); Electronic Goods Wrapping (MTG-AS-B/M) film; special polyester film for Alu-Alu pharma laminate; and easy tear (IET) Films.

Lidding: Opening lids of disposable glasses, cups and platter meals can pose a serious challenge particularly for the ever increasing aging population. To address this, Flex Films has engineered suitable substrates that pave way for smooth and easy lid-opening. In the lidding section at Interpack the company will be displaying Isotropic (IST) and Peelable (TPA) Films among several others. Isotropic (IST) Films are polyester substrates having balanced properties that ensure that the film does not tear abruptly.

Barrier: One of the most important purposes that laminates comprising different substrates serve is to provide optimum barrier properties to protect the product from being spoiled through its recommended shelf life. Flex Films has made substantive headway in engineering high barrier substrates. Some of these that can be seen at Interpack this time around are AlOx (PLX & PGX); Bag in Box (LBP-M); High Barrier MET PET (EBP – M) and Super Barrier Corona (PGB) Films among several others.

PP (OPP & CPP) Family: Flex Films also manufactures different variants of Oriented Polypropylene and Cast Polypropylene Films. Some of these films that will be on display at Interpack are: Ultra Barrier OPP (TUB-M); Low SIT (TLS); Anti-fog OPP (TAF); Retortable CPP (CPR); Deep Freeze CPP (CDF) and High Barrier CPP (C-CXB-PZ-M) Films.

Aesthetics and Anti-counterfeiting: Also on display at Flex Films’ stand will be holographic and Fresnel Lens Embossed films among other brand protection solutions. Fresnel Lens Embossed Film in particular is being manufactured at Flex Films Europa (Poland) in alliance with WaveFront Technology Inc. with direct assistance and support of Uflex’s Holography business back in India.

Sustainability:Speciality:Lidding:Barrier:PP (OPP & CPP) Family:Aesthetics and Anti-counterfeiting:Tony Corbin