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The 25 Best Chain Bags for 2023

Jun 20, 2023

Every product on this page was chosen by a Harper's BAZAAR editor. We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy.

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The best chain bags will always endure in spite of rapidly changing accessories trends. A quick look back at fashion history can explain the style’s status as a lasting wardrobe essential: In 1955, Coco Chanel crafted the 2.55 Flap, a shoulder bag that boasted a luxe quilted exterior, an elegant flap, and arguably its most prominent feature: an adjustable chain strap. The chain itself was a major departure from conventional clutches of that era, allowing women to walk around hands-free. As time progressed, chain bags grew in popularity, dominating every crevice of the fashion world, from city streets to runways. Take Karl Lagerfeld’s runway shows from the ’80s through the ’00s, for example, where chain bags took center stage season after season.

Today, these hardware-adorned accessories are still thriving: Think of contemporary styles like Saint Laurent’s Sunset bag, Dior’s CD Lounge bag, and Gucci’s Aphrodite bag. Fresh updates to the aforementioned Chanel flap bags are also in heavy rotation.

In addition to their timelessness, fashion expert Gess Pugh told Bazaar, these handbags share one essential quality. “Chain bags remain a go-to item for fashion enthusiasts because they are versatile,” she said. “I think many people enjoy having the option to wear their bags in different ways—whether as a shoulder bag, as a crossbody, or as a clutch—and chain bags often offer this sense of flexibility.”

Ahead, shop the 25 best chain bags you’ll want to carry for years to come.

Ask any fashion enthusiast what comes to mind in reference to chain bags, and chances are they’ll utter “Chanel.” As a major hallmark of the French luxury house, Chanel’s chain bags are undeniably iconic. There are various editions, and one eternal favorite is this Mini Flap. It features impeccable leather, meticulous stitching, and a classic structure.

Dimensions: 5.3" W x 6.6" H x 3.1" D

Colors: Black, white, red

Materials: Leather, metal

If you’re going for a relaxed look, this Tory Burch crescent bag is for you. The signature quilting places this bag somewhere in the middle between casual and formal, making it the perfect transition piece to take from day to night and season to season.

Dimensions: 3" W x 6" H x 2" D

Colors: Cream

Materials: Leather, metal

What reviewers are saying: “Bought this bag for myself in the cream as a birthday gift. It’s absolutely perfect and very elegant. The leather is excellent quality.”

This Re-Edition 1995 bag is proof that chain bags stand the test of time. Its vintage silhouette, sumptuous padding, and careful top-stitching make it irresistible.

Dimensions: 8.6" W x 7" H x 2.4" D

Colors: Beige, black, green, pink

Materials: Leather, nylon, metal

The chain strap of Proenza Schouler’s braided bag is thoughtfully woven into plush leather, creating a seamless transition between the body of the bag and the handle. Another standout feature is the magnetic closure, which is such a sleek, yet practical, touch.

Dimensions: 8.1" W x 6.9" H x 3.7" D

Colors: White, black

Materials: Leather, metal

When it comes to luxe-looking accessories, the combination of black leather and gold chain takes the cake. I would recommend carrying this lavish Saint Laurent bag to your next evening dinner.

Dimensions: 8.9" W x 6.7" H x 2.8" D

Colors: Black (gold chain), black (silver chain), black (black chain), cream (gold chain)

Materials: Leather, metal

JW Pei is known for geometric designs, such as the soft round edges displayed on the Tina Quilted chain crossbody. This bag also features an intricate quilt pattern on the exterior, which gives it a refreshing sense of dimension.

Dimensions: 8.1" W x 6.9" H x 3.7" D

Colors: Red, silver, white, black, brown

Materials: Leather, metal

After taking one glance at Alexander McQueen’s croc-effect bag, my mind is instantly ruminating on the many ways I can incorporate it into my fall wardrobe. I can already see myself wearing this shoulder bag with an oversize sweater, a miniskirt, and high knee boots.

Dimensions: 7.5" W x 5.1" H x 2" D

Colors: Burgundy, black

Materials: Croc-effect patent leather, metal

“Coach’s Tabby crossbody bag is a great purchase for anyone looking to invest in a bag that is durable,” Pugh said. This structured bag is crafted from firm pebbled leather, meaning it will last for seasons.

Dimensions: 7" W x 4.5" H x 11.5" D

Colors: Green

Materials: Leather, metal

Look closely, and you’ll notice the juxtaposition between the smooth leather flap and the textured body and handle of Chloé’s Marcie bag. This play on texture is the bag’s defining feature—in addition to the bold gold hardware, of course.

Dimensions: 9.1" W x 5.9" H x 2.6" D

Colors: Cream

Materials: Leather, metal

To bring this bag to life, Danish fashion brand Ganni drew inspiration from Copenhagen street style, which often embodies a fusion of minimalism and modernism. In this case, the rectangle shape of the bag expresses a simple quality, while the acetate chain-link shoulder strap provides a contemporary twist.

Dimensions: 8.3" W x 3.5" H x .8" D

Colors: Pink

Materials: Leather, metal, acetate

The mint-green shade of Givenchy’s moon bag is truly refreshing for spring and summer occasions. I could easily see myself wearing this bag while strolling through Milan—can you tell I’m manifesting a European vacation?

Dimensions: 7.48" W x 5.91" H x 1.97" D

Colors: Green, pink

Materials: Leather, metal

This crescent-shaped bag flaunts magnificent macrocannage topstitching, a distinct symbol of Dior. It’s a technique in which geometrical patterns of diagonals and squares are used to create a quilted effect. And in this case, the leather’s texture contrasts beautifully with the geometric chain strap.

Dimensions: 10" W x 6" H x 2" D

Colors: Black, white

Materials: Leather, metal

Bottega Veneta’s padded chain bag is highly coveted among the masses, for good reason. The padded strips of leather create a cloudlike shape you simply cannot ignore.

Dimensions: 10.2" W x 7" H x 2" D

Colors: White

Materials: Leather, metal

JW Anderson’s Small chain shoulder bag is a cult-favorite along the lines of its Bumper silhouette. I especially love the way the supple silhouette creates a slouchy shape.

Dimensions: 14.2" W x 9.1" H x 3.5" D

Colors: Beige, green, pink, gray, white, off-white, black, multicolored

Materials: Leather, metal

If you’re looking to build your wardrobe with staples, I would recommend starting with Gucci’s Aphrodite bag. This shoulder bag illustrates simplicity, with a traditional structure and a neutral color, making it an everyday bag that is guaranteed to stay relevant.

Dimensions: 9.8" W x 7.1" H x 2.8" D

Colors: Neutral, black, pink

Materials: Leather, metal

This one is for all the shoppers out there, including myself, who carry every single thing in their purse. In addition to my wallet and keys, there are some essentials I simply can’t leave the house without—my Fenty lip gloss, Garrett Leight sunglasses, and mini Tori Burch perfume bottle, to name a few. Luckily, Khaite’s Clara bag has enough room for all of my belongings.

Dimensions: 16.9" W x 10.2" H x 4.3" D

Colors: Brown

Materials: Suede, metal

The Morgan Flap Chain Wallet is chic and practical, with the ability to wear it crossbody when you need to be hands-free,” Pugh told Bazaar. She recommended throwing it over your shoulder to run errands or even to catch a flight, as its lightweight construction makes it ideal for any type of on-the-go activity.

Dimensions: 7.75" W x 5" H x 2" D

Colors: Black

Materials: Leather, metal

Let this joyful shade of bubblegum pink brighten up your day. With just a simple pop of color, you can breathe life into any neutral outfit.

Dimensions: 7.5" W x 4.5" H x 2.5" D

Colors: Pink

Materials: Leather, metal

There are two main reasons this bag is a perfect statement piece. One, the grandiose hardware attached at the top is beyond striking. And two, the curved perimeter creates a whimsical shape that is undoubtedly unique.

Dimensions: 4.7" W x 3.5" H x 3.9" D

Colors: White

Materials: Leather, metal

Carry this Versace bag in hand or over your shoulder: With this design, you can alternate between the two. The striking patent leather piece shows off a structured top handle and an adjustable shoulder strap.

Dimensions: 6.2" W x 4.7" H x 2.3" D

Colors: Black

Materials: Leather, metal

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