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Centreville Community Comments On Recently Passed Plastic Bag Ban

Jul 23, 2023


CENTREVILLE, Md. - A mixture of plastic and reusable bags were found in community members cars today, in Centreville.

Mary Lubetski says she recycles the plastic bags and uses reusable bags regularly. so she's pro bag ban and is looking forward to its implementation.

"It's not good for the animals. You see the bags flying all over the place. It's not good for the environment because it takes hundreds of years for those bags to break down and the landfills are filling up with them," says Lubetski.

The plastic bag ban will apply to all businesses whether it be shopping, restaurants, or grocery outlets. Paper bags would be available but at 10 cents per bag.

Others say they're in the middle of opinions with this new change

"All you have do is go down to the Chesapeake where we live. I mean it's just stuff everywhere. Trash, plastic bags, and so forth. At least paper is biodegradable," says community member Wayne.

Another community member Teri Wood says, "They wrap everything else in plastic as is and I just feel like its a ban or another tax that we don't need and certainly can't afford."

But some say it won't make a difference.

Greg Sharp says, "I'm hard pressed to think of an item that I'm going to purchase in there [the grocery store] that's not wrapped in plastic of some sorts, styrofoam and shrink wrap. When I go to the produce department and I pick up a head of lettuce I'm gonna get plastic bag. Then I'm going put the head of lettuce in the plastic bag.

Despite the wide range of opinions, it's a green step forward for another town on Delmarva.