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10 Most Beautiful Eco

Oct 18, 2023

California is full of eco-tourism destinations with plenty of things to do and see.

It may be known for its gorgeous variety of beaches, enchanting ski slopes, and some of the most beautiful national parks in the U.S., but did you know that California is also full of sustainable destinations? Travelers can enjoy sustainable travel all over the United States, but this destination may be closer to home.

California is one of the most attractive destinations for eco-tourism for a variety of reasons. From north to south, there are eco-tourism destinations across the state that offer sustainable and eco-friendly activities for all types of travelers.

The beautiful town of Truckee is an eco-friendly destination to experience nature's warmth and beauty. To begin, the small town has many bike paths and trails encouraging biking, which reduces the need for cars.

It also has about 50 electric charging stations for electric cars. Enjoy the free shuttle service known as TART which compels residents to leave their cars and ride to any destination.

Alternatively, visit Donner Lake, Truckee River Regional Park, Emerald Bay Park, and Sand Harbor to unwind in nature.

The eco-friendly city of Palo Alto in the San Francisco Bay Area and part of the technology-focused Silicon Valley is better known for raising some of the world's top billionaire entrepreneurs. However, it is also gaining fast recognition as a city that commits to reducing human footprints in its environment. Residents of Palo Alto are fully involved in the Palo Alto Green Energy they created and are mandating developers to use green materials for building constructions.

While this alone makes it worth visiting, the city boasts a few parks and gardens where one can hang out in nature such as the Palo Alto Foothills Park, Bayland Nature Preserve, and Arastradero Preserve.

Across the bay from San Francisco is the beautiful city of Oakland, one of the best cities in the United States for nature lovers and by extension, an eco-tourism hub. The city is renowned for promoting green initiatives by providing residents with rebates when they use energy-saving appliances.

When it comes to tourism, there are more than a dozen parks and gardens where nature is allowed to thrive undisturbed.

Visit the city’s best parks, some of which include the Redwood Regional Park, Mosswood Park, Allendale Park, and Anthony Chatbot Regional Park, to reunite with nature and enjoy some exciting adventures.

Eureka is a city that commits to eco-tourism, and it's easy to prove. With 13 parks managed by the City of Eureka Recreation Department and home to the famous Sequoia Park Zoo, nature is well-preserved here.

The restaurants are not left out as they serve seafood with ingredients and elements sourced from the river. For what to do, walk on the Redwood Skywalk, and behold the lush greenery of the forest below at 100 feet.

Sacramento is the famous capital of California state and a scenic city that most tourists find irresistible. The city is an eco-friendly destination, and one of the most beautiful eco-tourism-focused and livable cities in the U.S., thanks to the heavy presence of preserved nature in its many recreational parks and gardens.

The Sacramento Zoo, William Land, State Capitol, and Roosevelt Parks among a host of others all contribute to a greener California.

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The beautiful Irvine is one of the best cities in California for nature lovers and was one of the first to commit to carbon neutrality. The city is already fulfilling the pledge by having one of the highest percentages of solar-powered homes and replacing nearly all incandescent bulbs with energy-saving options.

Experience the jaw-dropping beauty of this destination by touring its eco-tourism attractions, notably the Irvine Regional Park, the UC Irvine Ecological Preserve, and the Irvine Ranch, a national natural landmark.

Santa Barbara is on the front lines of a green and safer environment after surviving an oil spill in 1969. The city is also remarkable as the pioneer of World Earth Day to protect what's left of our collective ecosystem from constant attack by human activities.

This beautiful coastal city is a renowned tourism hub with several parks, gardens, and resorts. Hike on one of its numerous trails, especially the hike from Gaviota State Park, which courses through a mountain with ocean views for a unique experience.

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Beside being one of the most elegant cities in California's, Los Angeles is also an eco-tourism hotspot. This enchanting city is one of the best eco-tourism hubs in the country and has the highest number of Energy-star certified buildings among U.S. cities, and the most electric cars.

The city plans on planting thousands of trees and surpassing most of its green rivals. When in this city, head to Hollywood to witness nature come alive in California's most populous city or visit Echo Park and Venice Beach for an unforgettable experience.

San Francisco is one of the most recognizable cities in the United States, famous for its Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay. Yet, it commits to a safe and sustainable environment and promotes eco-tourism with hundreds of parks.

Additionally, the city is the first to ban plastic grocery bags and is one of the best cities for biking in the U.S. Visit some of the city's popular parks to witness eco-tourism at its best.

San Diego is arguably the greenest city in the United States after becoming the first to pledge total compliance to renewable energy. The city also advocates for a better living standard for animals in the zoo, while more and more of its citizens are showing interest in the city's climate action plan.

While the city is naturally beautiful with a charming skyline, and numerous parks and gardens, preserving nature makes it more sustainable.

Visiting these California destinations is one way to begin to embrace eco-travel and greener vacations!

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