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Why You Should Save Your Grocery Bags When Preparing For A Move

Aug 11, 2023

Moving can be incredibly expensive. Though there is no shortage of packing materials and moving products available, the cost can quickly add up. Luckily, the plastic grocery bags in your cupboard can be a lifesaver when packing fragile items.

Years ago, before most people got their news online, many had old newspapers lying around and often used them to secure dishes and bowls in boxes. That said, the large numbers of plastic garbage bags stored in our homes can be used in the same way. The key to using plastic bags is to pad fragile items, so one bag might not provide enough buffer, depending on the size of the item.

To start, you can line the bottom of a box with a few plastic bags to provide a cushion for your items. Then, take your largest plate or bowl and place it inside a small plastic grocery bag. Bunch up whatever excess bags you have into the middle of the plate or bowl. Then repeat and continue in descending size order so each fragile item fits snugly into the other. You may want to use two bags for larger items, as bunching is critical.

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Small plastic bags found in produce aisles can also be essential for organizational purposes. You can collect pens, cards, toys, socks, or any small items you have several of and would like to keep together. Plus, plastic bags can hold items that have the potential to spill, such as kitchen spices, bathroom toiletries, or pet food.

Placing these items in a bag inside of a box eliminates having to clean up big messes when you get to your new place. If you have clear plastic bags, it can make unpacking easier. On the other hand, you can simply label the outside of the bag with what it contains.

For large and soft items, regular garbage bags can be used for packing clothes, towels, blankets, and stuffed animals. The plastic bags make it easier for your things to stay clean and are easy to grip and move from truck to home and vice versa. Heavy-duty bags, in particular, work best to ensure items remain secure.