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Face masks: 10 of the best

Mar 27, 2024

Masks are for far more than pampering, they are an essential tool for resolving skin issues

Most people I know use skincare masks as a form of pampering – “self care” if you will. While I understand the desire for the sensorial aspect of skincare, if it doesn’t actually do anything for your skin it’s pointless (and a waste of money). Masks – sometimes also called “peels” or “facials” – should be considered a tool for resolving skin issues. If your skin is dehydrated, then you should go for a mask chock full of ingredients that will quench your skin’s thirst and make it come alive (Golden Dew by Seed to Skin is expensive, but it is absolutely gamechanging and a little goes a long way). For breakouts, look for something that unclogs pores and targets congestion (Omorovicza’s Mud Mask is a classic). If you are fighting dullness, blemish scars or uneven skin tone a mask that incorporates ingredients such as Vitamin C (like the one from Tatcha or Kate Somerville) will brighten no end. Rough texture? Then use a (gentle) resurfacing/exfoliating mask like Susanne Kaufmann’s and you’ll notice your makeup looks a million times better. Most people will stumble across one or more of these skin maladies at some point. Which is why I recommend a wardrobe of excellent masks. It’s an investment, but masks are infinitely more cost effective than facials and if you are consistent in using them, you will see incredible results.

1. Seed To Skin The Golden Dew £110, 2. Eve Lom Moisture Mask £72, 3. Fresh Vitamin Nectar Face Mask £23, 4. Susanne Kaufmann Enzyme Exfoliator £55, 5. Tatcha Violet C Radiance Mask £70, tatcha.com6. Omorovicza UltraMoor Mud Mask £72, 7. Soho Skin Detox Mask £60, 8. Ole Henriksen Transform Dewtopia 25% Acid Flash Facial £40, (from 18 August) 9. Kate Somerville Mega-C 30% Vit C Brightening Facial £62, 10. Mantle The Green Mask £64,

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1. Seed To Skin The Golden Dew2. Eve Lom Moisture Mask3. Fresh Vitamin Nectar Face Mask4. Susanne Kaufmann Enzyme Exfoliator5. Tatcha Violet C Radiance Mask6. Omorovicza UltraMoor Mud Mask7. Soho Skin Detox Mask8. Ole Henriksen Transform Dewtopia 25% Acid Flash Facial9. Kate Somerville Mega-C 30% Vit C Brightening Facial10. Mantle The Green Mask