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Glad Force Flex Odor Shield trash bags are 35% off for Prime Day

Jun 08, 2024

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With all the deals you’ve been looking at the last few days, it’s easy to get distracted from household chores.

Poring over our roundups and calculating all the money you could be saving in your head is work enough. Trying to add doing the dishes and taking out the trash to that is like asking Oppenheimer if he wouldn’t mind cleaning out his closet as he was heading up the Manhattan Project; there’s simply more important work to be done.

So we thought: why not bridge the gap, and feature an amazing deal that combines all the excitement of Amazon Prime Day shopping with the quotidian day-to-day tasks that tether you to your IRL life?

Enter: Glad Force Flex Odor Shield 13 Gallon Trash Bags, the super-durable, great-smelling answer to: “what’s the best Prime Day deal I can find on bags for my trash can?”

Stock up on this household essential this Prime Day, and ensure your kitchen is smelling fresh and clean, and your wallet is looking sturdy and heavy.

Glad makes our job easy. These bags practically sell themselves. Why? They’re super-durable, they’re big, they smell great, and you can grab 110 of them today for only $15.

Snag this Prime Day deal on 4-Pack of Glad Cling’N Seal plastic wrap for over 30% off before this deals wraps up for good.

Halt! Stop right there! Freeze! Quit what you’re doing, and pick up this great Prime Day deal on a 4-Pack of Glad Freezer Bags, available for under $15 this Prime Day.

Have a preference for Gain? Click the button below, and instantly gain 110 count of Glad Force Flex 13-Gallon trash bags with Gain, for a great-smelling kitchen.

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